Unique Opportunity with Great Financial Gains

You are giving back to others by mentoring and advising them. You are helping them navigate critical problems and discover solutions that you have tried and tested before. It’s a great cause and you get paid in the process. A large number of opportunities await you.

Build Your Brand and Grow Your Network

Work with Fortune 500s to expand your consulting business. Build your personal brand, develop relationships and grow your network. Once you build a reputation within a company, there is a possibility of client booking multiple sessions with you and giving you repeat business.

Set Your Own Rate & Work on Your Own

You have the flexibility of working at your own convenience. You can set your own per minute rate and get notified when requests matching your expertise are available. The individuals seeking advice will send you requests. You can accept them or propose times that work best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do businesses and individuals seek out mentors?

There are many reasons. Here are a few:

  • They are stuck on a technical problem
  • They’re evaluating a new technology
  • They need help in debuggiing code
  • The need advice on their career trajectory
  • They need help in evaualting a business opportunity.
What is the Experfy’s service fee?

Expercoin takes a commission of 20% from your quoted price/per minute. For instance, if your profile states that your rate is $2 per minute, then our commission will be $0.4 per minute and you will receive $1.60 per minute. In addition, Expercoin also bills an administrative fee directly to clients for account management and platform use. When work is delivered and payment is made, we deduct our fee and transfer the payment to you. For corporate clients that are paying us per session for individuals and groups, our pricing is customized to suit the needs of the client. You will be paid based on your rate.

How do I get paid?

We deploy smart contracts to ensure that the funs are sent to your wallet address.

How much can I charge/earn?

Average rates range between $1 to $8 per minute, depending upon the market rate for your expertise and experience. A good strategy would be to start with a low rate and increase it gradually, as you build a good reputation. Clients can be budget sensitive so you should use a rate that will be seen as competitive.

Some Tips

Being positioned at the top of our search results means more clients will see you and our account managers are more likely to recommend you. Here are a few tips to improve your ranking.

Share Your Accomplishment

Don’t shy away from bragging. Beyond work history, include activities that showcase your expertise, like publications, blogs, research, and transaction experience.

Complete Your Profile

Add as much detail a possible, including a compelling description. Adding a few questions you can answer really helps. And be sure to add a photo to improve your ranking further.

Respond to requests

When you receive a request for a meeting, respond promptly. If you are unavailable, you can always suggest different times.

Ask for reviews

Experts with more calls and positive reviews also rank higher in search.

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